On average, starting a company from scratch takes about 30 calendar days.

Both a resident and non-resident can open a company in Spain.
Each founder must have a NIE.

 A company’s manager can be either an employee or one of its founders, who has the right to work in Spain or the citizenship of any of the EU countries.

So, let's begin:
* It is necessary to come up with 5 names for the company in descending order of preference;
* Check if at least one of these names is free on the website of the Central Commercial Register (Registro Mercantil);
* Get a certificate from the Register that the selected name is assigned to one of the founders of the company (address delivery or e-mail);
* Open a current account and put on it the authorized capital in the amount of at least 3,000 euros;

To open an account with a bank, it is better to come to all founders in the bank where the founders have already opened accounts.
When the authorized capital is credited, shares in the company are distributed.

You will receive a certificate confirming the authorized capital, but the current account is not yet active.

Sign the constituent documents with a notary;

* It is very important to determine your main activities, despite the fact that in the statutory documents there will be about 10 types.
The main species will be codified, and information about them will be sent to the Register.
* It is better to indicate the address of the company in the office premises, but it is not prohibited by Spanish law to indicate the address of one of the founders as a legal address.

* It is important to understand that the favorite modifications in the constituent documents of the company (change of legal address or manager, addition of activities, etc.) after the registration of the company are carried out only by a notary. The cost of any of these changes will cost you 500-800 euros.

To activate the account in the bank you need to provide the statutory documents and registration data.
You must come to the tax office with the company's charter documents and get an electronic signature.
After activating the current account, the company is ready to work.

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